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Our Mission

To glorify God by helping people experience a new way of living; experiencing life which is truly life by experiencing giving, loving people and loving God. 

(1 Timothy 6:17-19)

In May of 2017, while driving to work, God spoke clearly to my soul about the trust my wife and I were placing in ourselves and our bank account, rather than in God. He challenged us to change our perspective. Our response to this decision shifted how we view our faith in relation to our finances.


In the subsequent years, God led us on a transformative journey that has reshaped our world. He began unveiling the secrets to life, faith, and finances, much like how He had revealed them to numerous business and faith leaders in the past; particularly in the realm of giving. As a result of this journey, we have developed a curriculum and study to assist people in uncovering these truths. This approach enables them to experience God's promises, resulting in greater joy, fulfillment, and vitality compared to the conventional giving models taught in the church.


Our passion lies in offering individuals the education and straightforward steps required to embrace a life that is truly fulfilling—a life that stems from their perspective of God, self, and the act of faith-based giving.


Hopefully, this worldview and these lesson resonate with you and influences how you glorify the Creator through your unique purpose and daily life.

Mark & Sarah

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